Light up your next event and create meaningful peer-to-peer engagement with these conversation starters.

Icebreakers shouldn’t be awkward! With the right conversation starters, you can help your event attendees move beyond the blandness of yes-or-no responses and create meaningful connections.

Some of your attendees may be able to start conversations without any prompts, but others might need a bit more inspiration. To make things easier for you and your attendees, we created a list of 100 Conversation Starters for Your Next Event.

There are many ways you can use these questions to create a sense of community at your event, including: 

  • Selecting questions from the five categories Mixtroz hosts use the most
  • Creating a “pick-and-choose” approach in which attendees can select the questions they find most compelling
  • Choosing questions that specifically relate to your event type

Whichever way you use this list at your next event, these questions will not only create meaningful peer-to-peer engagement, but also allow you to gather insightful information and feedback from attendees in real time. 

Complete the form and click “submit” to access 100 Conversation Starters for Your Next Event. 

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"After the mixer using Mixtroz, I saw some students meeting up with their Mixtroz groups outside of the Student Center to eat dinner together. People at EMU are using it to make real-life friendships."

Celestia Preston - Eastern Michigan University