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Analyze Your Data

This article gives you helpful tips and tricks on analyzing your data.

You can view the data Mixtroz collects for you from the Mixtroz dashboard.  Analyze data at-a-glance or drill down deeper to compare and contrast individual and group responses.

  1. From your Mixtroz dashboard, click on the Event to view the Event Overview page.
  2. Click on Users to view the names and emails of your event attendees.  In the Users tab, you can also click on each User to view their answers to your questions.
  3. Click on Groups to view who was placed into what group.  Click on their selfie to view their answers to your questions.
  4. Click on Analyze Questions to compare responses from each of your attendees for each of your questions.
  5. Click on Analyze Groups to compare how each member within each group answered your questions.