Take the work out of network.

Hold better virtual (online) & hybrid events with Mixtroz Live & Virtual

We use real-time surveying to group your attendees for dynamic connection — virtual, live or a hybrid of the two. Mixtroz is a event tool for virtual (remote), in-person and hybrid events.

You need an easy, affordable event tool to keep attendees connected. Mixtroz Live and Virtual is the solution you need. Mixtroz is quick & easy for virtual networking events, virtual social events, virtual meetings, or any other type of virtual event.

Hold better virtual (online) & hybrid events with Mixtroz Live & Virtual

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Add some boom to your Zoom...

Mojo to your Microsoft Meetings, Greatness to your GotoMeetings, Wow to your Webinex
Hooray to your Hangout, Victory to your virtual events, Life to your live events.

No matter what virtual events software you use, Mixtroz makes your virtual events better connected and more valuable and doing so is easy!


Set up in minutes

Create a custom Mixtroz event with your own branding. Use our step-by-step interface to enter event details, group size, and the time for groups to network. Add custom questions and ice-breakers based on what you want to learn OR easily select from our library. Promote your sponsors through well-timed ads.

Communicate in seconds

Beautifully prewritten attendee correspondence and suggested cadences to ensure your attendees easily understand the value of our process.


Launch and learn

During your virtual or in-person event, attendees launch and complete Mixtroz all in under 2 minutes. When it’s time to mix, they are assigned a group based on your preferences and are guided to that group for a curated networking session. As they connect, you learn from collected data – available in real time.


Mixtroz isn’t an virtual or in-person event platform, it's a tool that can be used anytime that you gather making the experience more valuable for you and your attendees.

Try for free

Want to try Mixtroz before you buy it?  Run a mix with up to 25 attendees on us!